Industry Interactive is an informal discussion and Q&A between Digital Arts & Science students and a panel of industry professionals from the entertainment, interactive experiences, and technology sectors.

April 23rd, 2021

3pm - 4:30pm

Virtual Event

Industry Interactive 2020 Panelist 

2021 industry panelist announcement coming soon...

Fatimah Abdullah

Executive Producer at Primal Screen

Fraser Bowie

Advisor, Author, AR/VR Industry Leader, XR Consultant

Doug Grimmett

President and Founder of Primal Screen

Kathy Sohar

Director of the Collaboratory for Women Innovators

Trevor Backlin

Senior Enterprise Account Executive at ThirdEye Gen, Inc.

Salma Bouftas

Emerging XR Technologies, VR Design Engineer, DW Alum

Don Benson

Senior Executive



Director of Media & Interactive at Multi Image Group (MIG)

Richard Kidd

CEO of Perilous Orbit & Executive Producer

Traylor Woodhall

Executive Creative Director and Founder of Fivestone Studios

Steve Walker

VFX Supervisor and Founder of KickIt Six Creative

Matt EBling

Marketing Artist at Jam City, DW Alum