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Industry Interactive is an discussion and Q&A between Digital Arts & Science students and panels of industry professionals from the entertainment, interactive experiences, and technology sectors.

April 22nd, 2022
2:30pm - 4:00pm
Live Webcast

Today's Agenda

Message from Dean Onye Ozuzu
End-of-Year DW Highlight Video
Student Showcase Highlight Video
Panel Sessions with Special Industry Guests
DW Student Award Announcements 
Congrats Message to all DAS Graduates

Panel Sessions

Panel Session A: Creative Overcoming, Breaking into the Digital World

Digital media requires a large degree of negotiation. Of course, we negotiate salaries and contracts. But we also negotiate in the sense of "overcoming," as you might negotiate a steep mountain pass.  We are making our way through, bargaining with the exigencies of fate, budgets, deadlines -- the push and pull between our creative vision and the realities of storytelling as an industry.  The question on the floor is, “how do we get to where we want to go?”


This panel will set industry leaders in conversation about their own experiences around navigating an ever-changing digital landscape. The discussion will center around expectations vs. realities, representation, and future art-making. How did they arrive at careers in creative media? Who did they find when they got there? What new challenges are they negotiating now?


Hosted by Eamon O'Connor

Visiting Assistant Professor and Writer in Residence

UF Digital Worlds Institute

Panel Session B: Pushing Ideas Through Collaboration, the Story Behind Studio Syro

Founded by three Digital Worlds graduates, Studio Syro is an international team of designers, animators, and developers using a VR painting tool called Quill to produce hand-crafted experiences both in and out of VR. Their flagship project is an original series created for Oculus TV called 'Tales from Soda Island'. The series is made entirely in VR using Quill. 


Hosted by Chelsea Cantrell

Lecturer in Digital Arts & Sciences

UF Digital Worlds Institute

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